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Ron Oliphant, The Writer

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Who Is THE WRITER ? ? ?



The very idea of writing about what really goes on inside ones mind is frightening, so I with great hesitation give you what you want. I am happy and sad, intelligent and stupid, courteous and polite and both obnoxious and mean. I am capable of great feats of kindness and tremendous cruelty. You see, I am a writer, actor and that makes me a pathological liar when it comes to who I really am. So if what I give you seems to be some unbelievable crap from time to time it is because I may be drunk and out of my mind. I fight depression with laughter and good times. When my voice is to raspy to sing I write in rhymes and that makes me feel better. So when some highly educated critic tells me to get it together, I laugh. I don’t write for riches; I write to hold on to my sanity. I write because I love to entertain and when the dark clouds bring rain I run to a pen and paper and start to scribble. Writing is my drug and I just thought I would share a small piece of me. I write this for you. 

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Poem of the week



So Lovely


I had never seen before the thing that she was, and I took my time to critique

I found her to be flawless 

I was weakened by the curves and beautiful lines that defined her deity

A word was not spoken she just looked upon me and watched as I melted

Turning away, I ran afraid of what she might convince me to do

Women can build a man up and tear him into shreds

I have battled and fought men in wars that raged

I have caught the lion by the tail and put him in a cage I have harpooned a whale and made other men my slaves but a kiss from a woman has restricted me

God told me to do a thing and I chose to turn my back on god and taste the forbidden fruit she held in her fingers

Maybe I lost my mind for a time but all I can say is she was so Lovely 


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