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The Writer

Welcome  Love Bones The South Side of Dallas

Who Is THE WRITER ? ? ?

Ronald Oliphant is a southern born Natchitoches, Louisiana native.

His current home of Waco, Texas is where he gets to express himself creatively through his various writing projects. Poetry, plays and novels has turned this professional writer into one of our most interesting personalities today. 

Love Bones is currently available through Amazon books and has been considered one of the best collections of poetry put together in our time.

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New fiction novel 

The South Side of Dallas

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Poem of the week



A Little love for you
I got a little love to give if you want it.
I only have a little because I have lost pieces along the way to this one and that one,
but don't worry they only took a little love and although they never gave it back
and I lost pieces of my heart and never filled the cracks
I have a little love love to give
You see I am willing to give what I got left since the last situation that left me swaying from side to side
I thought I was going to die but I just cried out the pain and was new again
I went a little crazy and was labeled insane
but I filled my soul with poetry and sipped some wine and returned to being and doing me
so I got a little love if you want it.
Oh I know how to please.
I make love well and make you want to go tell somebody about what you found
I studied the art and got my certification
Take my card and call me so we can schedule a time for a free demonstration
I can run bath water and put lotion on your feet.
I cook okay and don't mind making you something to eat
Give you flowers and chocolates and talk real sweet
I can look you in the eye and say I lov...well, like you a lot....well I want to be....well....I-I
I got a little love to give but I don't have a lot
The last one, well, She took most of what I had and now this is all that I've got
I can't say I love you but I like you alot
I got a little love to give if you want it.